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Nadège Vaucher


Nadège has always enjoyed dancing and describes it today as her therapy. She has trained in various types of dance… classic, modern, folkloric, jazz, funky, breakdance, salsa, bachata… and liked them all! She randomly discovered Brazilian Zouk in summer 2021 and immediately fell in love with the dance. The authenticity of the dance, the freedom of expression that zouk offers, the partner connection that one can build over a song and the diversity of music zouk can be danced to.

Apart of enjoying learning and dancing zouk, Nadège also enjoyed meeting the zouk community and wants to make it grow. She is helping on the communication side and you might see her name appear on social media as she is posting new opportunities to learn, practice, or dance zouk. She wants to support the passion of the Zoukies teachers and help to spread the zouk virus as much as possible. Be careful, as you are reading this, you may already have it. Infected people become eager for love, cuddles, and have a strong attraction for zouk parties.


In every dance, we are witness to the immense possibility of being human.

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