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Zoukies is a dance school and community for heart-centred humans who want to:

  1. free their mind of doubt and limitation,

  2. awaken their spirit with gratitude, and

  3. connect to the full movement capacity and sensitivity of their body.

We learn Brazilian Zouk and embodied dance through mindfulness and heart-opening connection; as well as other body-enriching activities such as yoga.

See our class schedule, new courses and upcoming events below.

Class Timetable



Brazilian Zouk is a dance that originates from the tradition of Lambada in north Brazil.


As Lambada became popular and spread to urban cities in other parts of Brazil, the beat was mixed with traditional Zouk Caribbean music and slowed down to support new people learning the dance.

The traditional form of Lambada then combined with new basic steps to form Brazilian Zouk, and is now danced in hundreds of cities around the world and has many different dance influences and interpretations.


At Zoukies we practice a traditional forms of Brazilian Zouk combined with a modern awareness of physiology, mindfulness and the biomechanics of movement and partner connection.


Fresh New Courses


Embodied dance is a powerful spiritual practice that weaves together the four layers of awareness: physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic; so that you can experience and experiment with different states of being and relating to others in the context of dance and partner connection.

By isolating different topics of dance theory that relate to body, space, shape and energy dynamics, in Embodied Dance students can explore the full potential of their movement capacity without the regular limitations of learning steps as in a traditional dance class. Additionally, this sense of freedom allows more resources to be devoted to mindfulness and conscious movement and connection.

Socials & Quickstarters