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Embodied Dance

Embodiment is the convergence of cognitive processes with physiological states that inform and influence the depth of our experiences and authenticity of expressions.


Zoukies founder Jonny Driscoll has combined Eastern methodologies of meditation with Western principles of dance to form a unique practice know as Embodied Dance.


Embodied Dance weaves together the four layers of human awareness: physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic; with the principles of dance: body, space, shape and energy so that mind and body are given a framework to safely experiment within and consciously expand their known boundaries.


Embodied Dance is about experiencing and experimenting with the mind and body through different states of being. This practice of 'being' is then what enables us to consciously navigate life without reacting to situations and circumstances around us. You will become more sensitive to your body and more aware of your thoughts, so that you can then consciously choose to step out of your patterns and habits, and create the state of mind and body that you desire. Embodied dance is therefore a practice of being authentic.


What is Embodied Dance?

Through embodiment, your confidence and capacity to dance will be flowing abundantly, as will your radiance of peace and joy.

Dance With The Elements

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In every dance, we are witness to the immense possibility of being human.

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