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The Zoukies community is about more than dancing. We learn to see, allow, respect and love one another whilst practicing dance, authenticity, intimacy, inclusion and boundaries.

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This page is about community, and for Zoukies to thrive we invite everyone participate in the following 5 community agreements:



I agree to observe movement and expression with curiosity, so that I can learn beyond the limitations of my judgements.



I agree to welcome playfulness so that classes and workshops are a space for spontaneous levity and joy without judgement.



I agree to communicate and respect boundaries, ensuring interactions are safe, intentional, trustworthy and authentic.



I agree to be generous with love, so that Zoukies events are a space to embrace our shadows, take risks and overcome fears.



I agree to embrace equality and diversity, so as to build a rich and fruitful community where everyone is given equal opportunity.

Authentic Relating

During workshops and retreats we practice activities and games that stimulate fun and meaningful connections and cultivate a safe and resilient space for community.


Through Authentic Relating practices we bring light to dark places, build bridges where there are divides and offer everyone a space to be welcomed, celebrated, nourished and loved.

Authenticity is the foundation upon which we dance.

Media Gallery

In every dance, we are witness to the immense possibility of being human

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